Some info about the game:

The Kung-Fu master is a real antique tournament.
The Tournament is not just another mortal game!
In combat important are only scores - no one has to die and there is no blood.
This magic game has freeware status. You can download it here. It's only 28 KB!!!


File size:

28 KB 

Time download at: 14.4K

28 seconds

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13.8 seconds

Time download at: 56K

7 seconds

Time download at: 128 K

3 seconds

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Keyboard usage: 

The usage of each stroke is different - even distance matters. 
To learn application of all strokes just TRAIN A LOT!!!!
To give a stroke you should have enough amount of hitpoints.
The battle ends when one of the warriors reaches 300 points.
No drugs are allowed as well as support from scene.
Your color of dressing is blue.
You start tournament from high position of legend warrior.
To win just kick 5 masters asses. 
But be careful- they also train a lot to win.
Correctly inflicted and accepted stroke is signaled from internal speaker.
I hope someone will win the Great Master Chang Lui.
If so - mail me: 
(do it also if you lose- suggestions are welcome)






Kung-Fu Master  comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; 
Having said that, we think that Kung-Fu Master is quite stable now. Indeed we
have compiled lots of editions and won lots of tournaments without any problems. Also, the
current version has undergone several weeks of beta testing .

This is the first production quality release, and we plan that future
releases will be backward compatible with this version.

Please report all problems or suggestions to the authors. Thanks.